Installation service details/conditions
The installation service includes performing the following tasks on the client's server: 1. Create a MySQL database (using the server's Control Panel/phpMyAdmin). 2. Copying all WS.WebTV files - through FTP. 3. Configuring PHP settings (if server allows it). 4. Basic configuration of the WebTV: Webmaster (super user) account creation, sample Channel and Clip creation. 5. (Optional/If possible) Creation of robots.txt file (or modification of existing robots.txt file) - through FTP. 6. (Optional/If possible) Installation of static build of FFmpeg (in case the server allows it and the static build can run on it) - through SSH/root. 7. Verifications.

In order for us to perform the aforementioned tasks the client must provide the following:

- The URL of the WebTV must be already associated with the server/hosting.
- Server's Control Panel access info or empty MySQL database connection details.
- FTP account info in order to copy files and perform other tasks. Note that if you provide access to the server's control panel then we should be able to get this info.
- SSH/root account: This is necessary in order to try the installation of a static build of FFmpeg or in order to compile FFMpeg from its sources (the latest, in case the static build did not run and you have purchased this particular, additional, service).
- Any other additional information necessary to complete the installation works.
- The server must meet the requirements detailed in our Website:
Regarding FFmpeg installation:
As part of the task No. 6, and if SSH/root account was provided, we would try the installation of a static build of FFmpeg (version higher than 1.2) downloaded from
NOTE: In case of Linux servers, the kernel version must be 2.6.32 or higher. In the case of servers which refuse to run the static build, and require a specific compilation of FFmpeg from its source files/packages, this particular service is offered separately has an additional cost of 30€.
Keep in mind that FFmpeg is only required in order to use the auto-encoding functionality of WS.WebTV.


At the end of the work, we will send a report detailing all the tasks performed in the server as well as any issues we may have found.

Additional notes and conditions for the installation service:
1 - Regarding tasks not included in the service: If you require us to perform tasks not included in the installation service, contact us for a quote.
2 - Regarding issues/limitations on servers: Some servers do not allow adjusting PHP settings or do not run the static build of FFmpeg (among other limitations). Most of the times, the only way to detect such limitations is by performing (or trying to perform) the installation tasks.
3 - Regarding the money back guarantee: The money back guarantee does not apply over the installation service once we have started working in the server (even when we have not been able to finish performing all tasks included in the service due to lack of time or because of finding server issues/limitations).
4 - Warranty: Because of the previous two points (2 and 3), in case we found server issues/limitations and the client decides to try with another server/hosting provider, we will offer another installation service, free of charge , in order to install WS.WebTV in the new server/hosting (we will offer up to two additional free installation services in total, for a license, besides the purchased services) - note that this special offering is only valid up to 14 days after the date of purchase of the service.

Third party installations/modifications
Please, note that we will not provide free technical support for installations, or modifications, performed by third parties.

VAT/IVA, European Union Residents
• In case you are a Spain resident (except Canarias): We will charge the 21% VAT over price listed below.
• In case you are resident of an European Union country other than Spain :
     - If you are a company/professional: In order for us to issue a VAT refund you will need to provide a valid, verifiable, VAT number or a copy/scan of an official document of your country certifying your local VAT number.
     - In case you are not a company/professional and/or do not have a VAT number, we will bill the corresponding VAT of your country.

Money back guarantee
- WS.WebTV subscription -based license : This kind of license does not apply for money back guarantee. Because of the previous, we always recommend requesting/using a trial account in order to decide whether our solution meets your needs.
- WS.WebTV base license purchased under the perpetual license model: This kind of license has a 14 day (days from the date of purchase) money back guarantee. The money back guarantee only applies to the cost of the base license (45€ in the case of URL license or 90€ in the case of Domain/Intranet license) less any applicable discount and it expressly excludes the activated extensions or any other performed service (like the installation service). Because of the previous we always recommend requesting/using a trial account in order to decide whether our solution meets your needs then proceed with the purchase and installation in two stages: first, the base package (without extensions), and then, after you have verified that WS.WebTV Professional is working fine, request the activation and installation of the purchased extensions. In case you need to use the money back guarantee, the applicable refund would be: the total amount of your purchase, minus the cost of the installation service -if applicable-, minus the cost of the activated extensions -if any-, minus any applicable discount.
- The money back guarantee can only be used once per client.
- Refunds are done by using the same payment method of purchase.
    - Refunds through PayPal might take up to 30 days to be effective (for more information regarding refunds via PayPal, please check their online documentation or contact them directly).
    - If payment method was bank transference (only Spain and EU), from the amount to refund we will deduct an administrative fee of 8€.
    - If payment method was international bank transference (not EU/SEPA), from the amount to be refunded we will deduct an administrative fee of 8€; furthermore, the transaction fees must be paid by the client.


WS.WebTV license, activations, updates and extensions terms and conditions
It is important to understand how does it work the licensing of WS.WebTV and its extensions. The following is a explanatory text about WS.WebTV Professional Licenses/Extensions.
General conditions
1. - Extensions are bound to the corresponding WebTV license.
2. - Activated extensions do not have money-back warranty. The activation is not reversible.
3. - Delivery: WS.WebTV and extension files are delivered via Internet download only (from the downloads section of the Website).
4. - "Moving".
4a. - "URL" license: We call "moving" when a WebTV and its associated extensions, originally purchased for a specific URL, "moves" to another, different one (changes folder / domain / sub-domain), requiring "re-activation", and a new license key, in order to continue working. The "moving" must be "complete" ("Complete Moving", see Moving conditions bellow).
4b. - "Domain" license: We call "moving" when a WebTV and its associated extensions, originally purchased for a specific Domain, "moves" to another, different one (changes domain / sub-domain), requiring "re-activation", and a new license key, in order to continue working. The "moving" must be "complete" ("Complete Moving", see Moving conditions bellow).
5. - License models:
5.1. - Perpetual license model: With this model the client pay once and get a perpetual use license for WS.WebTV.
5.2. - Subscription license model: With this model the client pays a monthly fee for using WS.WebTV.
    5.2.1. - Temporay use license: With each payment, a temporary, one-month duration, use-license will be issued (one month from the payment date).
    5.2.2. - Automatic deactivation: Expired licenses will be automatically deactivated 72 hours after expiration (licenses expire one month from last payment date).
    5.2.3. - No long-term commitment: If the client does not want to keep the use license for additional time he just need to inform WebTV Solutions and WebTV Solutions will deactivate any recurring payment mechanism that may be active so that following monthly fees are not billed to the client.
    5.2.4. - File deletion commitment: The client commits to delete all WS.WebTV (and extensions) files intermediately after the license expires.
5.3. -Model change: It is possible to change from a subscription to a perpetual license model (for a current subscription). The client will need to contact with WebTV Solutions and, depending on the amount of time (months) that subscription has been current, WebTV Solutions may apply a discount on the perpetual license price. After the model change, the corresponding subscription will be automatically terminated.

"URL" license type
WS.WebTV Free and WS.WebTV Professional purchased with a "URL" license: the WebTV and its extension are associated to a full URL, not to a domain; for example: a WebTV + extensions activated for the URL: WILL NOT work on .
NOTE: Neither the protocol (http or https) nor the "www" CNAME affects the license.

"URL" license: Language/Mirror license extension / specific conditions (perpetual license model)
In case a client needs additional installations of a WebTV for the only purpose of handling content in multiple languages, or having an independent "clone" or "mirror" in a different TLD (Top Level Domain ), subdomain or folder, there is a "Language/Mirror License" extension available to the URL license whose price is 69.99€ + VAT (in case VAT is applicable) per each Language/Mirror. Conditions:
- The Language/Mirror license WebTV installation will be fully independent respect the main WebTV installation (requires an independent database and set of files).
- It will have all extensions activated on the main WebTV.
- The Language/Mirror license WebTV's title and logo must be related with the main one.
- The language/Mirror license URL must be requested for an URL whose domain name (excluding TLD) is the same as the main license and only differs in the language identification or TLD (the installation folder, subdomain or TLD clearly states the differentiation but the rest of the URL is the same of the main license).
Practical example 1: Suppose the main license is issued for then a Language/Mirror license for a Spanish version could be requested for any of the following URLs: or   or
Practical example 2: Suppose the main license is issued for then a Language/Mirror license for a French version could be requested for any of the following URLs: or   or
Practical example 3: Suppose the main license is issued for then a Language/Mirror license for a Mirror site could be requested  for any of the following URLs: http://www.domain .tld or http:// subdomain
In any case, it is worth remembering that neither the protocol (http or https) nor the "www" CNAME affects the license.
"Domain" license type
 WS.WebTV Professional purchased with a "Domain" license: the WebTV and its extension are associated to a domain name. Domain license allows you to install any number of WebTVs, into the root, folders or subdomains of the licensed domain. For example: http://licenseddomain.ext , http://www.licenseddomain.ext/whateverfoldername , http://whateversubdomain.licenseddomain.ext , etc. 

"Intranet" license type (perpetual license model)
WS.WebTV Professional purchased with an "Intranet" license: the WebTV and its extension are associated to a server local "URL" (which includes the local "Domain" or IP, and a folder) as well as the server MAC address. The installation folder must include the client or WebTV name (shortened). For example: http://ip-server/company -name-tv
- This license can not be issued for servers with IP or "localhost" domain.
- This license does not support sub-domains, therefore, the license will not work on sub-domains of the licensed domain.
- This license will not work on a different IP, Domain, MAC or folder than the licensed ones.
- This license only allows public use (that the WebTV could be watched from Internet) when the server's licensed local IP/domain matches its public IP/Domain.

"Moving" - conditions
1. WebTVs with "Intranet" license type can not be moved.
2."Movings" can only be done as a whole (complete, WebTV license + extensions). WS.WebTV extensions are associated with a WebTV's licensed URL; therefore, if a client has several WebTVs, it will not be possible to "move" individual extensions between the different WebTVs. When a WS.WebTV license "moving" is done, all the extensions associated with the corresponding WebTV will "move" too.
2.1. Allowed amount of free "movings" and additional "movings" price:
2.1.1. - Subscription license model: Each "moving" has a cost of 5.99€ (excluding VAT).
2.1.2. - Perpetual license model: Before the WebTV has been activated the URL or Domain can be changed any number of times, for free. After a WebTV license has been activated for an URL or Domain there is a limit of up to 2 free "movings". Once a license has reached the limit of free "movings", any additional "moving" will cost (prices without VAT): 35€ in the case of "URL" licenses and 70€ in the case of "Domain" licenses.
3. In every case, once a "moving" is done, the WebTV and extensions will stop working on the original URL or Domain.
4. The client commits to delete all WS.WebTV files on the previous URL or Domain.
5. WebTV Solutions will only proceed with "movings" for licenses whose updates and basic technical support period is current.
Updates and basic technical support period
- Subscription license model: When purchasing a WS.WebTV subscription plan, while the subscription is current, the client will be able to download and use the latest version (download updates for free)* of WS.WebTV and will have access to basic technical support*.
- Perpetual license model: When purchasing a WS.WebTV license with the perpetual license model, the client enjoys one year of free* updates and basic technical support*.
* The updates are free as long as the client takes care of the installation, following the instructions provided in our Website (technical knowledge required). The basic technical support includes addressing inquiries related with WS.WebTV Pro problems ("bugs") as  well as questions related with procedures and features of WS.WebTV Pro which may not be covered by the online documentation.
- In the case of the perpetual license model, the period of "one year" of free updates is calculated from the license purchase date. At the end of this period, the client can continue using the latest installed version or decide to purchase additional year(s) of updates (calculated from the expiration date), and so on.
- WebTV Solutions won't offer technical support for those licenses whose year of updates and basic technical support is not current.
- WebTV Solutions does not offer technical support for installations done by the clients, or third parties.

Rev. 20180530. Subject to change without prior notice.


Elegibility conditions for acquiring WS.WebTV licenses under "Educational" modality
In order to apply for the special pricing, reserved exclusively for the educational field, the following conditions apply:
1. The client must prove (with the corresponding documentation) that it is one of the following entities:
- Schools: Training centres of primary or secondary education, colleges and vocational schools, either public or private.
- Academies: Any training center defined as an accredited institution organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of teaching its enrolled students (“Educational Institution”).
- Public Libraries: Defined as libraries, supported by public or private funds, which make its basic collections and basic services available to the public at large.
- Public Museums: Defined as museums, supported by public or private funds, which own or utilize tangible objects, care for them and exhibit them to the public on a regular basis.
- Public centres of R&D: Defined as research and development centres supported by public funds.
2. Licenses of WS.WebTVs sold under this modality are only offered with "URL" license type; additionally, the URL of the WebTV must be related with the educational entity.
3. The WebTV must make clear reference to the educational entity for which the client acquired the license (name, logo, etc).
4. The WebTV must be used exclusively to offer informative and non-commercial content (courses, news, documentaries, etc.). Although the previous, the client is authorized to include banners and advertising from sponsors, soliciting donations, etc. as long as they are related to the educational entity.
5. The "Store" extension and Unbranding are not available for WebTVs purchased under "Educational" modality. In case the client requires any of the previous for an existing WebTV purchased under this modality, it will need to upgrade to a "commercial"/"standard" license, paying the corresponding price difference.
6. In case we detect an inappropriate use of the WebTV (contrary to its educational and non-commercial purpose), or in case of breach of any of these conditions, WebTV Solutions reserves the right to deactivate the license until the client has paid the price difference between its original purchase under "Educational" modality and the correspondent "commercial"/"standard" one.
7. If a controversy exists as to an organization's eligibility, WebTV Solutions retains the right to determine in its sole discretion the eligibility of the organization for the specific transaction in question.

Rev. 20160707. Subject to change without prior notice.